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M.Thomassen ArtStudio

The Little  Atelier where the creations of Romantic Paintings are made.


The Story of Metthe Agerbo

Romantic OilPaintings

 The Romantic Oil Paintings with a touch of Fnatasy Art. Is a style where the Fantasy art and Romantic art are combinen together in an artwork. It is a very unique style and it is nothing you see every day . If you love Romantic Art, then You have come to the right place, because I am an artist who works with these kind of styles in all of my artworks.. This kind of Art is also a niche because it demands the artist to be very keen with the  way She works with her art. 

The Arist

The Visual Artist Metthe Agerbo , is an artist who has made her art to her Passion and lifestyle. Every day when Metthe is sitting whilst painting on one of Her Artworks, she feels it is like to write a little Fairytale. Every Artwork is filled with a touch of Romanticism  and Bright Colours. 

Through passion she has made it her Brand.

The Artist Metthe is also very inspired by the Illustrator Cicely Mary Barker , an artist from 1895-1973, who illustrated Fairies and flowers.  Metthe is inspire by an artist like Cicely Mary Barker, is not because Metthe want to paint like Cicely ,  but because Metthe has her very own styly and Cicely has shown Malouca that being an artist who love to paint Fairires, Elvs, Unicorns ,Dragons and Flowers, is a very unique way to paint and to tell tales .

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​You can  see more of M.Thomassen´:s Art on Facebook and Instagram where you can follow The Visual Artist Metthe Agerbo